Episode 101: Racism in ELT and Remote Teaching Reflections

Welcome to The TEFLology Podcast – a podcast all about teaching English as a foreign language, and related matters.

In today’s episode we address the two issues that are dominating world events at the moment. In the first section, we respond to the demonstrations triggered by George Floyd’s murder with a short account about race and racism in ELT. In the second part of the show, we reflect on our experiences with teaching remotely, due restrictions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic.

Thanks for listening!!

Episode links:

Race, Empire, and English Language Teaching: Creating Responsible and Ethical Anti-Racist Practice by Suhanthie Motha: https://www.tcpress.com/race-empire-and-english-language-teaching-9780807755129

Race, Culture, and Identities in Second Language Education: Exploring Critically Engaged Practice by Ryuko Kubota, Angel M.Y. Lin: https://www.routledge.com/Race-Culture-and-Identities-in-Second-Language-Education-Exploring-Critically/Kubota-Lin/p/book/9780415995078

JPB Gerald’s home page: https://jpbgerald.com/

Gerald, J. (2020). Worth the Risk: Towards Decentring Whiteness in English Language Teaching. BC TEAL Journal, 5(1), 44-54. https://ojso.library.ubc.ca/index.php/BCTJ/article/view/345

Gerald, J. (2020). Combatting the altruistic shield in English language teaching. NYS TESOL Journal, 7(1), 22-25. http://journal.nystesol.org/jan2020/3_AP.pdf

Ramjattan, V.A. (2019). Racist nativist microaggressions and the professional resistance of racialized English language teachers in Toronto. Race Ethnicity and Education, 22(3), 374-390. doi:10.1080/13613324.2017.1377171. https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/abs/10.1080/13613324.2017.1377171?src=recsys&journalCode=cree20

Ramjattan, V.A. (2019). Racializing the problem of and solution to foreign accent in business. Applied  Linguistics Review. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1515/applirev-2019-0058.

We teach languages interview:https://weteachlang.com/2020/06/05/141-with-vijay-ramjattan/

Flores, N. (2016). A tale of two visions: Hegemonic whiteness and bilingual education. Educational Policy, 30, 13–38.

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Women of Colour in ELT: https://womenofcolorinelt.wordpress.com/


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