113: Accessibility and Inclusivity with Judit Kormos

Welcome back to The TEFLology Podcast – a podcast all about teaching English as a foreign language and related matters. In today’s episode we look at the topic of accessibility and inclusivity in the classroom, and are pleased to be joined in our discussion by Dr Judit Kormos.

Judit is a professor and the Director of Studies for the MA TESOL Distance programme at the Department of Linguistics and English Language at Lancaster University, United Kingdom. She has been active in research on motivation in second language learning, and self-regulation in second language writing. Her current interest is in dyslexia in second language learning, and the discussion in this episode focused on the topics of accessibility and inclusivity in language education.

Enjoy the episode! 

Kormos Art

More information about Judit and her work can be found on her website here.

To join her MOOC course, follow this link.

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