111: Open Scholarship with Sin Wang Chong

Welcome back to The TEFLology Podcast – a podcast all about teaching English as a foreign language and related matters. 

In this episode, we’re joined by Dr Sin Wang Chong.


Sin Wang is an assistant professor in the School of Social Sciences, Education and Social Work at Queen’s University Belfast. Sin Wang’s research interests include assessment feedback in higher education, educational/language assessment, qualitative research synthesis, and computer-assisted language learning. Sin Wang is also a project leader of the TESOLgraphics (https://tesolgraphics.weebly.com) – A website that focuses on producing infographical summaries of secondary research in Applied Linguistics and TESOL. More about Sin Wang can be found here. 

This episode discusses open scholarship, particularly the way that secondary research can be utilised by and made accessible for teachers.

Enjoy the episode!

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