Interview 64: Dario Banegas on Teacher Research

Welcome back to The TEFLology Podcast!

Today we bring you an interview with Dr Dario Banegas. Dario is a lecturer in in TESOL with the School of Education at the University of Strathclyde. His main areas of expertise and interest include CLIL, teaching young learners, initial English language teacher education, and professional development through action research.

In this interview, Rob asks questions to Dario about action research of English language teaching practitioners.

This interview was recorded remotely with Zencastr.

More information about Dario here –

Here are some links to the books Dario mentions at the end of the interview: Empowering Teacher-Researcher, Empowering Learners & A handbook of Exploratory action research

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  1. Hi, young people, Which Rob? I’d like to reference this interview. Thank you, Elizabeth BekesCuencaEcuador

  2. Hi, young people, figured it out (which “Bob”?)… You have two Matthews but only one Robert. Good job. The volume was a little low, though. You may wish to upload it again with the volume enhanced. Thanks a lot, Elizabeth BekesCuencaEcuador

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