TEFL Interviews 47: Jean-Marc Dewaele on Multilingualism

Welcome back to the TEFLology Podcast! A podcast all about teaching English as foreign language and related matters.

Today we are pleased to bring you an interview with Prof. Jean-Marc Dewaele.

Jean-Marc is a professor in Applied Linguistics and Multilingualism at Birkbeck, University of London.

His various research interests include multilingualism, multiculturalism, as well as individual differences in foreign language acquisition and production.

His publications include the co-authored Raising multilingual children, written in 2017, 2013’s Emotions in multiple languages, and New Trends in Crosslinguistic Influence and Multilingualism Research, written with Gessica De Angelis.

Matthew got the chance to speak to Jean-Marc at the 3rd Psychology of Language Learning conference, held at Waseda University in Tokyo, in June of 2018. Matthew asked questions to Jean-Marc about topics related to multilingualism, such as raising multilingual children. We hope you enjoy the interview.

More information about Jean-Marc Dewaele can be found here.

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