Episode 49: PPP, Technology Review, and Braj Kachru

Welcome back to the TEFLology Podcast – a podcast all about teaching English as a foreign language and related matters.

In today’s episode, Rob discusses PPP, charting the popularity and relevance of the teaching approach. Matthew reviews the latest technology available for language learning, exploring some new apps and web-based services. Finally, Matt describes the life and work of pioneer Braj Kachru, who sadly passed away earlier this summer.

Enjoy this episode, thanks for listening!

Here’s a link to the article about PPP that Rob discussed.

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Thanks for listening!

UPDATE: As Jason Anderson points out in his comment below, the quote in the episode which was attributed to Spada and Tomita was actually from Scheffler (2015).


  1. Hi guys,

    Many thanks for covering my PPP research in podcast 49. Very interesting discussion, and a balanced consideration of different theoretical frameworks linked nicely to classroom practice. Well done.

    Just one tiny correction. You read out a quote, and I think you said it was from the Spada and Tomita 2010 paper (“If PPP is nonsense…”). It was from Scheffler’s reference to that paper in his defence of PPP from ELTJ in 2015.

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